Dry Places

Some years ago I found myself in what is an all too common occurrence for many

Christians.   My prayer life, my time with God, had become the habit of a day rather than an

encounter with The King.  Consequently, my walk with God became dry, ineffective, and

lacking any form of flow and vibrancy.  Though many believe dry seasons with God are part of a

normal cycle in spiritual life, nothing could be further from the truth.  Such perspective is little

more than the excuse of empty religion drinking from a dry cup.  

In that season of dryness, I was desperate for more.  My Father is ever faithful, and did

not disappoint.  There was profound grace and instruction to me given to me in a single moment

of time; yet it changed the course of my days. What He revealed is this-  Prayer must become

His dance to lead and not our agenda to demand.  Let me repeat, prayer MUST become His

dance to lead and not our agenda to demand.   

What I learned, what become health to my bones, was the simplicity of joyfully following

God into the secret place.  Until then, prayer was part of the agenda, a list of my requests or

demands, part of the practices of an empty process.

  Put in practical terms, from the moment my eyes open, my heart does as well.  When I

rise, and as I prepare to meet with Him, my heart is already searching, listening, and waiting for

direction to the nature of our encounter.  I greet Him with delight and ask with all sincerity of

heart, “how would you like me to meet with you today?”  Sometimes He leads me into intensive

Bible studies.  At other times, He will take me to the park and grant me the honor of beholding

the peaceful worship of creation.  Sometimes I sit quietly and say nothing, delighting in the

whisper of His presence.    

Every morning is unique in some way and bears endless opportunity for encounter,

spontaneity, response and communion.  So He leads me in the dance of everlasting life, in the

secluded place of His presence, where no one else may witness the privilege of my delight.  

A heart selfishly demanding of God becomes lifeless soil- hardened, dried and

grotesquely cracked in the scorching sun.  However, A heart yielded to God is positioned and

prepared to receive all the outpouring of Heaven.  Here is the paradox of the Kingdom of God. 

The heart surrendered and yielded will speak the most freely with Him.  The heart led by Him in

the dance will intercede for others with the most fervency, hear the resonance of His voice with

uninterrupted continuity, and see into the vast unknown with profound clarity.

In the beauty of our dance there is no labor for my soul, nor striving to overcome.  I am

already free in the glory of His presence and Jesus has already overcome on my behalf.  The

rhythm of His steps lead me into green pastures, and an endless outpouring of His presence

wherein dry seasons have no place.