Is God Strange?

Recently, I heard a quote from a Pastor stating, “God’s not weird, we’re

weird.” The point was to assert that when weird things occur amongst people,

specifically Christians, it typically does not involve God. Also implied is the

notion that as long as what is being called God does not offend our sensibilities,

then we will allow and accept it as possibly being from Him. Such a point of view

makes me wonder how they would respond watching Jesus cast devils into a herd

of swine, or seeing a decaying corpse walk out of a tomb.

There are those who act weird, call it God, and He is nowhere near it- that

much is true. But which is stranger, an insecure person flopping on the floor for

attention, or one who calls himself a “normal” Christian who secretly hates his

spouse, while insatiable lust fills his heart? With that said, measuring how strange

something is to our sensibilities is a terrible way to discern what is, or is not, God.

Because it seems weird does not mean it’s not from God. Because it seems weird

doesn’t mean it is from God.

Saying, “God’s not weird, we are” is actually spot on if we consider it from

another perspective. What God does, the way He manifests Himself, can certainly

seem strange to people. In those occasions, God’s not the weird one. In fact, He is

the standard of normalcy. Within the scope of His mind and nature, there is

absolutely nothing abnormal about donkeys talking, the sun standing still, walking

on water, tongues of fire upon His people, or any other of the myriads of examples

revealed in scripture.

He is always the normal one and what He does only seems strange to a mind

separated from Divine order. A stranger in the realm of His Kingdom will never

understand the manner of His governance. A carnal mind will always be at war

with anything born of God. To compensate, people will instead create a religious

order meant to tame God, fashioning Him into the image of a purely natural man.

In so doing, the carnal mind can then comprehend the idol it has formed.

We have the marvelous invitation to know God, to participate in His

presence, partake of His nature. Doing so will change us. In many respects, it will

make us unlike most people and strange to the world around us. Doing so will also

bring us into conformity with the ultimate standard of normalcy.