Motivation Of Your Surrender

By: William Hinn

Have you ever asked yourself, "why did I give my life to Jesus"?  

When I first surrendered my life to Jesus, it was more of a confession then a surrender. The reality was that I heard a message at my elementary school in Southern California that scared me. It was a message telling me different ways that I could die and that if I happened to die on my way out of chapel, I would go straight to hell. Any logical person would "surrender" after hearing this message. My motivation to become a Christian at that time was simply this - Heaven is awesome and hell is torture. Jesus was nothing more to me than a fire escape out of hell and someone that was building a mansion for me in heaven. I was saved by fear. 

I went home that day excited to tell my parents about my salvation, but when I began to tell them about why I gave my life to Him, the response wasn't what I expected. My father began to explain to me that I'm saved by grace and it's the goodness of God that draws me to repentance. They told me that Jesus had shed His blood because the Father in Heaven thought that I was worth the sacrifice and that He wants a relationship with me, right here, right now on earth. Naturally as a child I thought, "I must tell my teachers the truth!” That didn't go too well... 

Over the years, as I have experienced Him in continually increasing measures, I daily realize the reality of what actually happened on that cross. Jesus did so much more than just die because I was a sinner. He revealed my true Father to me, and in doing so, He brought me back into the family of God. Today I boldly declare that I am a child of God! Heaven is not an incentive, it's an eternal life. It's the Kingdom of God that I have been given and that currently dwells within me. Jesus brought heaven down to me and seated me in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6). Eternal life is not locational but a relational. Jesus said in John 17, "This is enternal life, that they may know you." God wants to fill you with His life and everything good that comes with it right now! 

For too long, the church has made the motivation of surrender based on heavenly incentives. People everywhere giving their lives to Jesus because it offers a mansion and a better day. Unfortunately, Christians hoping for a better day will never stop hoping. Christ in me is the HOPE of glory and we are called children of the day (Colossians 1:27 & 1 Thess. 5:5). We weren’t created to hope and wait for a better day, we were created to be the hope for the day! We were created to be filled with who God is and become an unshakable Kingdom-force on the earth. We were created to be people that know how to rejoice when persecution and tribulation come. We were created to be people that can overcome anything because the One who overcome it all lives in us. 

So why did you give your life to Jesus? Today my answer would be much different than what it was all those years ago.

My Final Answer: I gave my life to Jesus to be filled with the internal eternal nature of God and manifest His Kingdom no matter what is happening around me.