Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Beginning on the day we are born, the stimulus of fear becomes one of the chiefest means

by which the world seeks to condition us.  In so doing, we are pressured to conform to the image

and nature of all that is not God.  Poisoned by its’ fruit, we learn to hate others, live selfishly,

self-medicate through addiction, or avoid meaningful relationships.  The world tells us what

success looks like, how our life should be shaped, then demands we be afraid of not attaining it. 


A person fears not being accepted by others, so they conform themselves to the image of

people’s expectations.  Perhaps they fear rejection from a love interest, so they compromise

purity and self-worth.  People fear the future so they never truly live in the present.  Or, they fear

inadequacy and put on a front to make others believe them to be something they are not. 

Tragically, people fear failure, so they never venture beyond the familiar shores, and thus go to

the grave with their song still in them.  

Fear is one of the most powerful forces influencing a world which demands we be

molded by it, thus sacrificing our created value for the inevitability of emptiness and loss.  The

truth is, we were never meant to be shaped by the narrative of our age, or by daily headlines- but

by the word and presence of God.

What then is the remedy to fear?  How do we avoid the dictates of fear as a primary,

guiding source for our life, outlook and actions?

What God would have us know is that fear is simply absence of the nature we were

created to possess.  In 1 John 4:17 we are told, “He who fears is not perfected in love”.  In other

words, the presence of fear as a governing force within only has the ability to exist when the love

of God is absent because, “there is no fear in love”.  In fact, the perfect love of God zealously

casts fear from us.   

Our prayer then is not about asking God to remove fear.  Our prayer is, let me become

perfect love, not as a remedy for fear, but because perfect love is who God is.  

Love is not simply a warm emotion.  Neither is love merely an action.  And, despite what

the world says, love is not an empty acceptance of sin, or a life lived in conditions less than what

Jesus Christ paid a price for.  Love is a person, and the nature of that person.  

Within God’s nature, perfect love is in complete harmony with every aspect of who He

is.  Love is perfectly holy.  Holiness is pure and loving.  Righteousness is filled with love.  Love

produces boldness in adversity.  There is never a time when certain aspects of His nature are

diminished in preference to other aspects of His nature.  Within Him, there is only oneness and


Our destiny, what we were created for, is to be the very image of God in the Earth.  His

loving will is for our nature to be as His nature.  Shaped then by His perfect nature, I come to

love God in such a way that I gain all I need by His presence, and my love for God is not

conditioned upon self-centered requirements placed upon Him.  Furthermore, I learn to love

people the same way.

Thus, knowing and becoming like Him becomes the why behind my life.  Perfect love in

this world becomes my nature.  And fear is no longer the master of my soul.