Stand In The Truth

There is a declaration I have made for some years now, in more than a few

sermons and writings. This truth I will declare until the day I die- God sent revival

two thousand years ago and He never took it back.

Religious dogma and man made doctrine would have us believe revival

comes in waves; that somehow God sends it, then takes it back, then sends it again

when He feels like it or we’ve done enough to persuade Him to do so. False

teachers have used this notion to create honor for themselves, and their own

following, for centuries.

What’s more, because people are taught such a thing, it raises the question in

their mind as to when God will send again this thing called revival, and how do we

get Him to do so? That very question, that very outlook, is absurd.  Such

perspective is a darkened window which obstructs a clear view of all that is

fulfilled in Christ, of all God has done in Him and continues to do through Him. 

Because our vision is obscured, it creates the doubtful question in our mind of how

and when it will come.  Revival is already sent.  Experiencing it is not contingent

upon whether God intends to release it or if He desires for us to experience it, but

whether we will- whether we will drink from the fountain of truth, or not.

The abundance of life, vibrancy and honor we desire from God, which we

call revival, is something people don’t experience because they choose to NOT

abide in the truth.  There are countless voices, many of them standing in pulpits

bearing famous names, which we unwittingly give ear to.  Those voices declare to

us a feckless gospel which lays the blame for our spiritual dryness on God, as

though it is of His design. The fact of the matter is, they are more concerned with

gathering honor for themselves than seeing God honored amongst His people. 

They are more interested in convincing you that we must call down His glory, call

down revival, because they can use such perversion to create their own movement,

and call it God. The longer they keep you dry, the more dependent you become

upon them as your source.

It is incumbent upon us to abide in the truth.  Understand though, we can

willingly refuse the truth for any number of reasons. Whatever those reasons may

be, they always keep us from the freedom and abundance Jesus paid so high a price

for us to possess.

To what degree can we compromise the truth and expect to see revival

amongst us?  To what degree can we play the game of religion and expect to gain

honor from God alone?

Please understand, I am not setting aside the reality that many of us have

been taught, have been inundated, with doctrines within our religious upbringing or

experience that are deeply ingrained in our thinking.  Those things can certainly

take time to weed out and uproot- believe me I know.  But, the greater tragedy is

when we, like those who taught such lifeless doctrines to us, make excuses for the

barrenness it produces because we love the lie more than the truth.  What a

sorrowful shame for one to recognize the hollowness within, but refuse change,

refuse truth, because it does not agree with the doctrines he or she has bound

themselves to. Doing so means loving the honor gained from dead dogma of one’s

own creation MORE THAN the truth which makes us free.

You can be in the deadest church there is and still experience fullness,

experience revival, if you do not take on the form of religion causing that church to

be dead. Conversely, you can be in a church filled with the Spirit and on fire, but

you, yourself be utterly dead or dry spiritually.  It’s up to you to decide if you will

seek the honor of people, or the honor of God; if you will cleave to truth or cleave

to a lie. Whether you will live in abundance or barrenness is ultimately decided by

what master you choose to obey.