Will Hinn& Emily Hinn | RN Founder & Director

William and his wife Emily are Christians based out of Dallas, Texas and expecting their first child. William grew up in a family that touches millions of lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. His parents William and Teresa Hinn are senior pastors at Resurrection Life Church in Dallas, Texas and all four of their children serve in ministry. From a young age William has had the opportunity to serve men of God that have touched the world. At the age of 20 he was hired by his uncle Pastor Benny Hinn to manage his worldwide ministry events. During William's two years of serving in the ministry and seeing millions of lives reached with the Gospel he knew that God was calling him to something greater than he had expected. A couple years after serving in ministry William reluctantly took his first invite to preach in Italy., his life would never ben the same. Today, William and his wife Emily run ministry called Risen Nation in The Colony Texas. Risen Nation is a collective of youth, young adults, and churches that have mobilized to invade the world with the kingdom and radical love of Christ. His desire is to see a generation rise up that will set the earth on fire with the love of God. William believes in full-time Christianity and see's people healed, saved and touched by Jesus everywhere he goes. While being the Founding Director of Risen Nation, William is also the Assistant to Todd White at Lifestyle Christianity.

Gerardo Arenado |  Pastor & Associate Director

Gerardo Arenado | Pastor & Associate Director

Gerardo Arenado is a 26 year old minister based out of Dallas, TX. He grew up in a christian home but never had a personal relationship with Jesus for himself. As he grew older he became distant from his Christian roots and started to associate with a bad crowd. One night he found himself in a terrible situation and sitting at a county jail in Southern California; that night Gerardo met the love of his Father in heaven for the first time. After dedicating his life to Jesus he was forever changed and soon after he began serving at a local church. For three years Gerardo served in full time youth ministry and developed a love for young people. Throughout high school Pastor Will and Gerardo had a close relationship and played football together for all four years. Five years after they graduated they reconnected and quickly realized God had called them to serve in ministry together. Today they both run Risen Nation and are seeing Jesus capture the hearts of young people everywhere just as He did with them.